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    We strongly believe in staying connected with one another in an easy and safe way for everyone. For this purpose we have several different Facebook pages you can connect with us on. As you may have learned, we believe in meeting people where they are at. 

    So whatever background you come from, feel free to connect with us through one or all of our Facebook pages. Some of our pages are marked "private" we do this to keep people safe to share what is going on in their life without backlash or ridicule. We believe in being real and we want you and others to feel safe through our social networks. 

World Peace

   So feel free and join us in giving us the opportunity to share with you our life experiences and how God has worked in us and through us in a mighty way.


   The following pages listed below Social Corner are direct links to our Facebook pages, so feel free to join our Journey as we share on a daily basis the life lessons we have gone through.

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