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JourneyMate is focused on helping people, whether it is through some type of hurt caused by a event in their life or to help people find their mission in life, we are focused on helping you. Ministry is one way that we continue to grow in our faith and love for Christ.


We believe strongly in the need for ministry today, we have a variety of interactive ministries that we perform on a weekly basis. Has God given you a gift to be used? Come check out some of our ministries and see where God has called you to plug in and to grow together in the family of Christ.

Journeymate Teens

In today's society it is hard to find a place where you feel that you belong. At Journeymate teens we believe in creating a safe place where teens can belong and interact with each other in a real way.

JourneyMate Sisters Ministry

Are you looking for a group of women that you can connect and grow with? Come check out our women's ministry and join the community of women that are focused on becoming more Christlike in their lives.

Life's Healing Choices

Are you looking for healing in your life? Let us help you discover the steps to freedom and renewing your heart before God as we discuss true ways we can heal as the family of God

Kid's Ministry

Looking for a safe place for your kids to learn and grow? We have a ministry especially for them. if your kids love to laugh, have fun, and learn we have a team of people that will help them do just that. Stop and check it out and see how you can get your kids plugged into a positive atmosphere of growth and fellowship together!

New Believer's Group

Are you a new believer and not sure where to go from here? Our new believers group provides a safe environment for you to learn and grow in the right steps to become stronger in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Prison Ministry

Do you have a desire to help the people with broken lives? Come join our interactive prison ministry where we discuss life changing information with prisoners in a real way and showing them the light of Christ.

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