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Welcome to journeymate Wesleyan

Welcome and thank you for checking out JourneyMate Wesleyan Church. Here at JourneyMate Wesleyan we understand the value of people and their desire to learn more about God. We started as a little Bible Study group in Bloomsburg, that quickly grew into a full blown ministry, which quickly became JourneyMate Wesleyan Church. We have many different programs that you and your kids are able to get involved in as you feel comfortable. Our hope is that our website will give you the walk through tour that will help you see the heart behind JourneyMate Wesleyan Church and the lives we strive to touch every day in our communities around us. 

Kids Reading Outdoor
Children Reading the Holy Bible
Kid's Ministry
Smiling Student
Teen's Ministry
Ice Skating with Friends
Ladies Ministry
Ultimate Game
Men's Ministry
Hand Pile of Happy Group
Outdoor Family Day
Celebrate Recovery
other events coming up:
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