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Why Do We Come To Church?

In our talk last night we found ourselves discussing this Q: Why do you come to church? We started around the room & for many it was about what they get like being fed spiritually, support, help, etc. I asked 'If we were to stay in a needful mindset is it possible that we could become depressed?' People agreed. We then went to balancing both the needs and for praise and worship. TRUTH: When you find yourself in a tough spot and remain focused on your needs in an unbalanced way they will take you over. Turn your thoughts which will turn your emotions to praise and worship and by drawing near to God the needs, the things of this world....will grow strangely dim. Check it out for yourself. So why do we come to church? So in the midst of finding help for our needs we focus on God and drive off the enemy allowing God's Word to penetrate our hearts and minds thus setting us free. For this to happen we need to give God the awe & reverence he desires and is worthy of. Get or give...which one do you focus more on or are they balanced? Answer that and you have your personal theology.


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