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The Spiritual Recovery

'The Spiritual Truths Of Recovery: WHY SOME ARE NOT RECOVERED ~ 10 Reasons: 1- Lack of repentance. They actually _like_ their sin choice. 2-Lack of -__desperation__ = To comfortable with sin. 3- __Wrong__ motives. James 4:3 'You pray and do not receive what you ask for.' TRUTH: When we make it about __us__ we have set ourselves up for idol worship. FACT: Freedom from ADDICTIONS to just be happy is _not___ proper motive. To become Christlike _is__. 4- Self-centeredness meaning is a desire for personal attention. (We need to be ware of wolves in sheep's clothing that want to take advantage of hurt, lonely or shut down people as a way to fulfill there own needs.) 5- Still has an association in some way with toxic __people__ and toxic __situations__. Get out! 6- Refusal to break _soul_ ties. 7- Still bound under a __curse__. 8- Not repenting and renouncing a specific sin that the enemy holds against someone. Secrets kept in the dark need to be brought __into__ the Light. REASON: Confession is needed with heartfelt forgiveness asked for. 9- Not Baptized. 10- Some people are part of a larger battle. God's chosen you __(your name)____ to do a great work and the enemy knows it. So those in the heavenlies and those fallen angels on earth wage incredible war against these people. To stand against these spirits we need to 'see', 'hear', 'act', with committed intercessors to be God's agents to 'disarm principalities and powers' that have targeted someone as in Col. 2:15 'And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.'


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