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The Power of God

The power of God come through our belief in Him. The Power of God

God wants to cut away an old blessing to give you a new blessing! Every time God moves a person forward God knows that person will have to leave something in the past. God doesn't want you to remain at the faith level your at! God wants you to have even more faith in Him! The Bible says 'You can't pour new wine in an old wine skin!' Some of us are playing a role for others to see. Not being on the inside how we are presenting on the outside with others. Ben Franklin states: 'Search others for virtues. Search ourselves for vices.' CONCLUSION: Don't just go through life! Grow through life! TODAY'S GOAL: : To remove the limitations we have placed on God's power for our lives! For the old you to go and for the new you through Christ to come! And here we are! 1John 2:6 'The one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He (Jesus) walked.' Can we help you with that in any way? Let me know! Love yea! Now go and step into what God has for you! The power of God is with you!!! Many blessings my friends!


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