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The Battlefield

The minute we receive Christ as Savior we enter a battlefield. The battlefield is our Christian life, the enemy is Satan, the target is our soul, and the battle plan is God's Word! My friends.... God never meant for us to be stressed out! What kind of testimony would that be? And it's the Christmas Season! How low is that? Here's the deal... we need to bathe ourselves in prayer as much as we bathe others in prayer! The enemy comes to us, sings to us, captures our attention, starts a relationship with us under false pretenses where we find ourselves stressed out. Being stressed out is not the meaning of being a Christian! There's something spiritually wrong when that happens. Pauls says 'I will be at peace whether in chains or free.' Your free...except in some areas of your mind will and emotions that need to be sanctified, changed to look and act like Jesus. Here's how we find ourselves sung to:

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