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Spiritual Power

Let's think about spiritual power in a way we can understand. PP&L supplies all of our power here. We get all the electricity we need to power our homes. There is more than we can use. Now the reason we have all this electricity/power is because we are in a relationship with the power company. But here's the thing... the power company says they will get the power to you, that they will even fix any power problems you have but.... you have to connect to the power. If you want your lights to come on you have to decide to turn on the switch! Our spiritual power is handled the same way! God gave us all the power we will ever need through His Son Jesus. We just need to connect with him! We need to access this power through our faith! This requires us to put feet to our faith and take the walk to where the power is and receive it! We need to get past those things that cause a power brown out or shut down! We need today to receive the grace of God through Jesus so we can connect with holy power! Could you use a little more power? I sure can! It's time to flip God's power switch through a personal.... ACTION STEP: Let's Pray to, receive God's power through His Son Jesus by being infilled with the Holy Spirit today. Lord have mercy on us. We need you. There are times we are powerless. We recognize you as the greatest power and ask you to forgive us of our sins and adopt us into your Heavenly Family. In Jesus name. Amen.


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