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Spiritual Covering

A thought on spiritual covering's. ~ Leaders in our homes and churches can become to controlling. When that happens they need prayer. But do a self-spiritual check on how you relate, talk about those who God holds responsible for your spiritual well being. The enemy wants to destroy them, baits them, and because we do not engage them with prayer they fall as prey. Single moms... dads...apartment renters....people of God who are at an accountable age to God.... sometimes our wrong attitudes towards authority is based in our past and causes us to misjudge a head of household, a fellow priest as controlling & uncaring when in fact they are simply living out their God given responsibilities. Pastor Gary said 'Voices are influences tied to the echo's of our past.' For me personally submission is a hard difficult thing. But I do it...whether I like it or not. There's actually spiritual freedom in partnering with people God has called to be a spiritual covering over their homes. But those people need to have a spiritual covering through the church. The enemies plan is to take the church out and they loose their spiritual covering making them susceptible to Satan's schemes. LESSON: To over ride the authority God has installed in people is to be in rebellion and to sin against the Lord Himself. - Adapted from Francis Frangipane From Septembers sermon series called 'Unity In Christ'. We will look at unity in 1- Family Unity 9/2 / 2- Unity In The church 9/10 / 3- Financial unity 9/16 / 4- Unity Through Healing 9/23 / 5- Unity Through Becoming Christlike 9/30


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