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Personalized Prayer Ministry

What an incredible day of prayer sessions yesterday! I want to share the stories of how God still speaks to His people but do not want to share so many of these that they loose their impact. We realized yesterday that when people genuinely want to hear from God for help and guidance God responds every time. It's a heart to heart connection. People come from other church's and even some therapists are sending people due to a suspected spiritual problem. As a result... I have been sensing God wanting me to share biblical truths on a church to church basis through discipleship. For my pastor friends or leaders if you ever wanted a presentation in your ministry let me know. HERE'S WHY: The great commission has two parts. The first is for us to go and make disciples. The second is of no less significance, but most often set aside to secondary importance if used at all. It is to teach them (apprentice disciples) to obey. In fact, there cannot be a disciple without this training. And there cannot be training without accountability. This fall TPL will be hosting their annual teaching and worship seminar on October 20th 2018. There will be food provided. More info as it gets closer. Feel free to send an invite to the Talk Pray Listen FB page as this ministry will be hosting it.

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