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Need Hope?

What an incredible morning in God's house today! I was definitely feeling the Holy Spirit as He talked through me this morning. Here's an excerpt with altar call clip, many came forward. Jesus wants us to talk with him about our concerns. Jesus can forgive us and free us from past regret. From all past and current attacks because of spiritual warfare against us. His love can heal the wounds and afflictions we have suffered.

In our minds. In our emotions. To our bodies. To receive Jesus Christ is to receive hope. Is there an area of your life that needs hope? Where have you been shut down, robbed, deprived, who or what spirits gossiped about you, mocked you, broke your will, tried to twist the truth, came to rob kill and destroy you stealing your potential resulting in your hopelessness? Where there was a robe of despair...may you put on a garment of praise! Merry Christmas my friends! Will you let Jesus fight your battles? Will you trust that the issues your having in regards to hopelessness are spiritual in nature that has affected your neurology, your thought processes, not vice versa? Will you talk with Jesus? Jesus says to us today...Talk to me- Love Jesus


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