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Investing in Teens and Young Adults in a Digital World.

Sometimes we wait and look forward to their return from digital land where they have squandered time and health. These digital prodigals need to be called back from a life they are living that in the end will hurt them more than help them. A parents job is to point their children again and again to the greatest commandment of love the Lord with all our heart mind and soul meaning all that we are as human beings. The amazing part of this is that there is no one to really model any of this but us as parents and mentors. We are the digital role model they see and we need to remember that. When a child has to start crying or acting out due to a parent or loved one spending to much time digitally instead of personally it's a shame. Yet few parents have set rules when it comes to tech and phones use. Results of no digital rules for teens and kids are 1- Homework neglected 2-Isolation 3-sleep deprived 4-start to develop addiction traits 5-attention problems 6- sleep and eating disorders and obesity.

The American Academy of Pediatrics Screen Time Guidelines: 1- Under 18 months no screen time except video chat with grandparents and family members 2- Ages 2-5 One hour a day of high quality programming and watch it with your child. Digital programs were never meant to be a babysitter. That's the parents and other family members role.3- Age 6 and older Consistent limits on time spent using media. Check ratings and enforce them. Make sure media is not replacing you as a parent or caregiver. Monitor your child's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to be sure they are not being impacted in a negative way. Not only do we need to shield our kids from the digital world, to rescue them from the digital world, but also to teach them proper use of the digital world. There needs to be e-free zones or times in your house, car, dining table etc. where conversation once again becomes the norm. In youth here at JM we have e-free time when the class starts by everyone placing there digital equipment in a basket that is watched over in case of any emergency text or an expected call. Prayer is key if you want change. Pray that we would all lead more balanced lives with God and others. - From a Sunday morning message. Some adaptation from 'Just Between Us' magazine


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