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In need of hope?

We as God's people are to be ready to share the hope we have with others. But what if your running low on hope? This Sunday's goal: To become a hope hunter. the message is: HAVING HOLY HOPE ~ Hebrews 11:1 'Faith is being sure of what we hope for.' The Wesleyan Church has a long history of and deep commitment to acting as agents of Spirit-filled outreach and compassion. Journeymate out-reach is huge through meeting the mental. emotional, physical and spiritual needs of people.

Our recoveries currently includes an evangelistic approach to everything including teachings on anger Monday nights, Celebrate Recovery on Tuesday nights,, Talk Pray Listen - a prayer ministry with our new study 'Learning to think differently' and scheduled prayer sessions on Thursdays along with our outreach to teens on Thursday nights and youth and children Sunday mornings. And of course our Sunday morning worship which combines all of these along with awesome music and song's with the video illustrations so many have come to find extremely helpful. Outreach... The Christmas Dinner where we serve hundreds of people a free meal in the name of Jesus and present an evangelistic message with numerous people making decisions for Jesus.

Our Summer picnics at Lightstreet park on the 1st Sunday of each month. The many uses of our facility to help people become desensitized by coming into a church building. And yet more is needed. The Lord has placed upon my heart that many are struggling in a variety of ways. That we need to reach out and offer Jesus to them through us by being the hands and feet of Christ. But we are a small group. But we really do serve a big God. Will you join with us in prayer as we stand in the gap with and for others? The needs are great with the greatest needs being more presence of the body of Christ in our neighborhoods and around the world. If you don't have a church home. Consider coming and checking us out. If you have a stirring, come and check us out. If you are where God would have for you to be that wonderful. We are not sheep rustlers.

God has called us to meet people where their at and to love them unconditionally. I know.... that seems impossible to do. It is. It requires a supernatural ability to do so. It can only happen when we ourselves are growing closer to the Lord. An AG pastor recently said '"Lord," he said to his congregation in the town of about 700 people, "don't let us be content as men to just let life go by, to see the world around us burn. God, instead, help us to get involved." ... Know this... Long before the enemy targeted you, God chose you. Do you have hope to share? Do you need hope? Please come and visit us here at Journeymate. All of our events, teachings and worship times are open to all. As much as we need you, you could very well need us.


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