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Good People Can Fall

TO RETURN to blessedness the people must journey away from their reaction or lack of one which needs to be openly acknowledged and atoned for. TRUTH: Good people can fall yet God can raise them up again! FACT: People who fall and then rise again have a greater capacity to have and to give compassion which is a grace understanding to the situation. These attempts by the enemy to shut us down actually become the catalyst to do good and to be committed to seeing things through.

The principle behind Gen. 50:20 with Joseph and his family is 'What you intended for evil God will make for good.' But Joseph had to stick it out, with all the false reports, the abuse, the name calling, the rejection and abandonment. There must have been times when he was crushed! His own family wanted to kill him. Yet Joseph dreams came to fruition. Jesus holds the key for your freedom! Will you join the freedom train? y/n Jesus wants each of us this morning to realize we hold the key for freedom for self and freedom for others. His name is Jesus!

Daniel 11:35 'Some of those who have insight will fall, in order to refine, purge, and make them pure until the end time.' TRANSLATION: Through Daniel the Holy Spirit is telling us that there are those of us who will fall short of the mark but that God will not abandon them! May you not remain in your process of sorrow but also become part of the process of restoration through Jesus Christ into others! The reconciler of all mankind! Will you accept the KEY TO FREEDOM from Jesus?


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