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Get To The Root

When I think about how irritated some people are I think there must be a spiritual agitator that wants to steer people away from where God is leading them. At the root of all negative behaviors is a spiritual component. The steps to release are 1- Get right with God. 2- Then deal with the spiritual agitant. 3- Renew your mind for continued release. If you do not do all 3 of these steps you will find yourself on a path that God did not design for you but that the enemy has. David declared that his "feet have not slipped" because he held to the path of the Lord (Psalm 17:5). I don't know about you, but there are times my feet have slipped. And it was because I wasn't on the Lord's path. That path isn't always easy. Sometimes it's downright hard. But don't lose your spiritual traction. Keep your feet steady. So long as you're on His path, you may stumble, but you won't fall. The Lord won't allow you to slip into despair. But wander off his path, and you're on a slippery slope to destruction.


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