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From a Party life to a Changed Life

Decades ago I came from a party background. My heart is to help people to change. I have found the only real lasting change happens when there is a spiritual change within a person. Some of my old party friends are dead. Others are headed in that direction, or worse, causing others to live through a living hell due to drugs or alcohol or some other thing. People can change. I'm living proof. The other day during a prayer session we prayed that God would connect us through Jesus. Someone had a severe spiritual struggle. I prayed that Jesus would open their eyes and ears to be able to see and hear from the Lord. An incredible thing happened.... not only did the person we were praying for have a clear sense of their ears being opened but so did one of the prayer encourager's that was on our prayer team. They said their ears actually popped at that exact time in the prayer and felt a release and a sense of peace. Why would I share this? Because they both had a ruff patch through partying. To my old party buddies.... I'm sorry I encouraged you, I'm sorry I drug you with me. It's time to end the madness before you or others become more hurt. It's time to step out of the past and into the present. Let me assure you that there is a spiritual component that supplies the energy to drive you. If you need help please let me know. I truly care about you more than myself at this point in time.

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