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Fight Or Flee?

No matter what's coming against you know that the real war is spiritual and taking place in the heavenlies and that it is being fought out physically through you! Don't moan because of it! Don't cry in spite of it. You have been chosen by God not to fight but to submit to Father God himself for the battle is already won! You see we get trials and tribulations mixed up in our thoughts. Nothing can come against us without first coming against God himself! Fight or flee? Believe in who God says he is and what He can do ...or not. The choice is ours. Choose wisely this day and leave the battle where it should be.,... around you, with God as your protector. Let God's shield of faith drop over you. Nothing can get through that! For most of us our problem is that we are double minded. Blown like a reed in the wind. But Isaiah says we are mighty oaks. Straight and tall. Hold your heads up citizens of heaven. The wailing you hear is that of a defeated foe. Don't join them. Stand in the gap for others who have not figured this out. It's going to be a beautiful day! For the SON is out and shining on us!


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