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Dare To Stand Up

We need strengthened so we can strengthen others and then those will strengthen others. Luke 22:32 'Once you have been strengthened turn back and strengthen your brothers.' This is how we reclaim what the locust have eaten in a broader sense. ACTION STEP: WE need to remove all condemnation or blame from those who have disappointed us. RESULT: As they see our Christlike reactions, not worldly reactions, they will begin to ponder the things of God and as you draw closer to them, the Jesus within you will minister to them. John Bevere says 'Our response to an offense determines our future.' Think about it as we watch.....

Dare to stand up

God allows injustice to perfect our love! The cross is the cost we pay so love can triumph! This battle is not about you and your enemies! It's about your choosing to maintain love in the midst of injustice! OUR REASON FOR SUFFERING: When we have endured Satan's hour through offense and allowed adversity to refine our love, we will have succeeded in the purpose for our life. You see success is the reality that regardless of the test that calls you to endure it's not about you and your offender. The real issue is about you and God. Today, will you allow the love of God to be perfected within you? y/n Oh I know it's a process, but you have to have a start point somewhere. Will you transform Satan's time of power in your life into an offering of your life in Christlike surrender? To offer Jesus your hurts, hangups and addictions? Do you dare to stand up? As I pray if you have an offense...stand up....if you need to come out from under an offense....stand up. If you need Jesus in your life stand up! To say you have Jesus and not have the love, power and authority of Jesus to over come means you need to ask Jesus into your heart this morning where the offense has trapped you and shut you down stealing your joy resulting in a loss of power and authority to override the forces of hell that come against you! Stand up for and with Jesus!!!


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