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A Boy & His Mom

Let's work it through..

.So I woke up this morning still thinking about yesterdays message on healing. Many stated it was what they needed. Some said it was a hard teaching for them due to their situations. Healing... it comes in many forms and variations. I think the problem with discussing it is the emotion associated with whatever were going through. Faith, the basis to all true healing, is a word that describes how we respond to life, to God, and to every other aspect of life.

Some day our personal machine, our human body, will break down and die. But not until God calls us home should that happen. Everyday your alive you defeat death and what it has for us! Every day we live, no matter our condition, we are healing from death's choices for us! The body from birth was meant to die. The Bible states that. The Bible also states that there will come a day when we will live in paradise with Jesus as believers and followers of Him. I believe we can start living that way the moment we truly accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Not just start living in Paradise the day we die. It all comes down to a proper mindset.

After church I went and visited my mom.She was sleeping and I prayed over her. She woke up and told me of a place she thinks she was at, 'It seemed so real. It was a big house. You should have seen the size of the bathroom! And the cupboards were huge. I'm not sure what I would do with all of those! And as I looked around I saw what I think was my furniture, at least I think it was mine, it looked like mine, but a little nicer. Tom, I'm not sure where I was but it sure was nice.' I said 'Mom, in the Bible Jesus says 'I go to prepare a place for you so that you can be with me. In my Fathers house are many mansions. If this was not true I would not say it to you.' My dear sweet mother smiled and looked at me and said.... 'Tom, it will be ok. I just need to work this through.'

And I had one of those rare moments when my heart was filled with love and admiration for my mother and at the same time know that Jesus has gently called her, provided for her, made her feel welcome and comfortable for the trip home to His house. And I'm both happy and sad. She has a proper mindset, she is content, she is loved, she knows where she is going in God's timing. God healed her of fear, from hell's torment, from physical pain. Not only has she taught me about life, she's teaching me how to die with honor, gratitude, and satisfaction. We talked and laughed for hours. And so today I realize that like my mom, I need 'To work it through' when it comes to ministry, to sharing what God gives me, to doing what God calls me to do.


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