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The Salvation of Others

DL Moody- shoe salesmen/never received ordination/evangelist-100's came to Christ/ was a student of the Bible/ became concerned for spiritual decline in churches/ He wrote a book called 'Secret Power'. He writes: 'If we want God's power to quicken our friends and family who are not saved, we must look to God, and not be looking to man to do it. If we look to ministers alone, if we look to others to do Christs's work, we shall be disappointed. If we look to the Spirit of God and expect it to come from Him alone, we honor the Spirit, and the Spirit will do His work. I cannot help but believe that there are many Christians who want to be more efficient in the Lords service. It is from the Holy Spirit that we may expect this power. My friends, the answer won't come through another conference or seminar, because the answer won't be found in any human methodology. The answer needs to come through the Holy Spirit which will manifest in power into and through our lives! This is the grace of God living and active in His children.'

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