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Submission & Investment

Submission is to INVEST into something. A) We fear people who abuse authority, and spirits that abuse our lack of authority over them. TRUTH: Jesus never submitted to a authority that would cause him to sin. Jesus also expects His disciples not to sin if an authority suggests or tells them to do so. FACT: We have the CHOICE to submit or not to submit. REALITY: We CAN maintain a submissive attitude that is not passive aggressive while stating 'No, I can't do that.' REAL DEAL: Is not to rebel against man but to SUBMIT to a higher level to God himself! B) Another fear is If we submit to another person we will loose ourselves and be like THEM. ACTUALLY: When we submit, invest, into an anointing from a Holy person or group we GAIN more than we invest. TRUTH: My fear doesn't stand a chance when I STAND in God's love!

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